LORI graduated with honours as a Certified Holistic Practitioner from the Balnea Institue, Burlington in 2005. She has since been serving Niagara in various settings including chiropractic and wellness centres, spa, yoga studios, private residences, and the current main office in Merriton, St. Catharines.


SHINE's goal is to offer professional, comprehensive, and personalized holistic therapies and products with a unique, intuitive touch. From the moment you enter the warmth of the treatment room you will begin to relax.... stress rolls away with each inhalation of soothing aromatherapy oils... and you feel that this time is truly just for you.  Throughout the treatment, you may let your mind and spirit wander along with the soothing music, to the places where you feel free. Afterwards,  sit and sip your lemon water while reflecting and awakening to an improved sense of well-being!

     LORI ENS ~ Certified Holistic Practitioner  RRPr, CAHP, BFRP

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why choose SHINE


Lori Ens is a very gifted holistic practitioner.  Her awareness in her treatments is evident- creating a dynamic treatment that combines both intuitive work and advanced skill level.  The genuine sincerity and heart with which she practices creates a safe space which allows you to be open to accept true healing and nurturing. From the beginning of the treatment to the end, you will be immersed in a state of relaxation, awareness, and have the ability to just "let go" of whatever physical and mental ties that bind you. Lori's therapies truly translate into physical, mental, and spiritual healing - which is what every holistic healer strives for.

~ Sarah V. ~ Client and Holistic Practitioner

​I first met Lori during a mini-treatment session where she correctly identified, through foot reflexology, that I was having an issue with my shoulder. Since then, I have seen Lori regularly and always look forward with great anticipation to getting a treatment. Her facility is aesthetic, clean, comfortable, and very conducive to relaxation. During her treatments, I enter a state of extremely deep relaxation - something I have not experienced with any other therapists. Lori also offers excellent value for money. It is a privilege to have a therapist who loves what she does, is good at what she does, and who is committed to helping others first.

​~ D.P.

The best place to go for Aromatherapy Massage & Reflexology in St. Catharines/Thorold.